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Take TV's and other Electronic Waste to Recycling Center - No TV Pick Up at the Curb

Electronic Waste Must be Recycled! No TV Pick Up at Curb

New Jersey has significantly revised its regulations to enact a disposal ban on electronics as solid waste. Effective January 1, 2011, the Electronic Waste Management Act (NJSA 13:1E-99.94 et seq.) requires that all “used covered electronic devices” be recycled. The law defines a “used covered electronic device” as a desktop or personal computer, computer monitor, portable computer, or television sold to a consumer.

Electronic equipment is accepted at the Ridgewood Recycling Center at 205 East Glen Avenue. The computer and electronic recycling program provided at the Recycling Center, is at no cost to the Village, and provides an easy option for residents to recycle their computers and electronics. Upon arrival at the Recycling Center, each resident may place their computer components and electronic devices into our convenient walk-in container.

Accepted items (which must NOT be setout for curbside pickup, nor placed in household trash) include:

• Computers (Desktop or Portable) • Printers

• Televisions • Keyboards

• Monitors • Scanners

• Fax Machines • Keyboards

• Televisions • Speakers

• Stereo Equipment • Modems

• Electronic Mouse • Cell Phones

• Desktop Copy Machines • Power Sources

• Hard Drives • VCRs

• DVD players • Video Game Consoles

The Recycling Center at 205 East Glen Avenue has the following, convenient hours:

Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Ridgewood residents have always embraced recycling for its cost avoidance and environmental benefits. As a result, Ridgewood has enjoyed a savings of over $12.8 million, since New Jersey mandated recycling in 1987. As a community, may all continue to work together towards the goal of responsible environmental practices and greater reductions in solid waste.

If you'd like more information about this topic, please call Frank Moritz at 201/670-5500 x272 or,or Johanna Luttrell at 201/670-5500 x266 or
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