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Vital Statistics

A Vital Statistic is a certified record of a Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Union which has occurred here in the Village of Ridgewood. The Division of Health has the records of Marriages and Deaths which have occurred here from the year 1950 to the present, and the Birth records from 1951 to present. Civil Union certificates became available in 2007.

The Vital Records that are available at our office are: 

Birth Certificates:           1951 - Present 
Death Certificates:         1950 - Present 
Marriage Licenses:         1950 - Present 
Domestic Partnerships:   July 2004 - Present 

Information on how to obtain a record we no longer have is available on the NJ Dept of Health and Senior Services website.

How to Obtain a Certified Copy of a Vital Statistic containing the parents names (raised seal, original, long form) 

An application for a Vital Statistic record and processing must be completed and sent along with proper ID and payment.The fee for each certified copy of a Marriage or Civil Union Certificate is $20.00 and the fee for a certified copy of a Birth Certificate is $25.00 for the first copy and $20.00 for each additional copy of the same birth certificate ordered at the same time. The fee for the first certified copy of a death certificate will be $25.00 and each additional copy purchased at the same time will be $2.00. Payment by check or money order. Payment should be made to "Village of Ridgewood". Please enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope along with your application. Requests will be expedited as long as all pertinent information, proper ID and correct payment are enclosed. You may also obtain a vital record in person with original identification and payment. 

Requests should be addressed to: 
Ridgewood Health Dept. 
131 N. Maple Ave 
Ridgewood, NJ 07450 

Who may obtain a certified copy of a "Vital Statistic" 

Acceptable Forms of Identification 

How to prove relationship for obtaining Vital Statistic Record 

If requesting a birth certificate for dual citizenship or international adoption. 

Instructions for Correcting a Vital Record 
To correct a vital record you must make an appointment. To schedule an appointment or obtain additional information please call 201-670-5500 ext.5502. 

Instructions for obtaining a Marriage License 
Applications for Marriage Licenses in the Village of Ridgewood are done by appointment only. Appointments must be made at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of marriage. Please call (201) 670-5500 ext.5502 to schedule an appointment. For additional information click here. 

Civil Unions 
Applications for Civil Unions in the Village of Ridgewood are done by appointment only. Appointments must be made at least one (1) week prior to the date of the ceremony. Please call (201) 670-5500 ext.5502 to schedule an appointment. For additional information click here.

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Marriage License

Marriage Certificate

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate

Licensing, Applications, & Animal Control

Animal Control & Licensing


Contact Information:

During business hours and for non-urgent inquiries after hours, weekends and Holidays:

Tyco Animal Control, 201-652-4554,

  • Leave a message, they check messages every 20 minutes during business hours


For urgent  response after Hours, weekends & Holidays:

Ridgewood Police, 201-652-3900 Option 3 then Option 2.



Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are renewed during the month of June. One and three year licenses are available starting June 1st with a valid rabies certificate.

For 1 year licenses: Rabies Certificate that expires no earlier than May 1st of the following year.

For 3 year licenses: Rabies Certificate that expires no earlier than May 1st of the third year. (Example: a 3 year license purchased in June of 2019 will need a rabies certificate valid through May 1, 2022)


Renewal reminders will be sent via email. An application will be available on the website or in person at the health department. Renewal applications will be mailed upon request by calling 201 670-5500 ext 5503. A Late Fee of $20.00 per dog will be assessed after June 30th.


It is the dog owner’s responsibility to renew the dog license when it expires. It is also the dog owner’s responsibility to maintain their pet with a valid rabies vaccination. The health department sends out reminders as a courtesy and to inform residents of our free rabies clinic.




Cat Licenses


The fee to license additional cats during the same calendar year, but different months, will be the reduced fee. Example: If you have one cat due for its license in January, you will pay $11 for an altered license or $14 for an unaltered license. If you have an additional cat and it is due for licensing in May, you will be able to license it during May for the reduced fee of $7 for an altered cat or $10 for an unaltered cat.


3-year rabies booster ordinance: The ordinance states, "If the cat's rabies shot does not expire at any time during any given calendar year, cats are required to be licensed in January of the calendar year."


All previously licensed cat owners will be sent a renewal application approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the month their cat license expires. Only one reminder will be sent. The late fee for licensing cats has also increased. The late fee is now $20 per cat. A late fee is charged if the cat is licensed anytime after the month it was due.


New residents, or current owners who obtain an additional cat, may print out an application and submit for licensing.

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Pet Licensing

Food / Cosmetology / Poultry License

Retail/Food Establishments

TYCO Animal Control

Public Health & Resources

Please see below for additional Health Department Resources:

Health Information & Wellness - Articles pertaining to general health and wellness information

COVID-19 Clinic and Resources - Flyers for our COVID-19/Flu Clinics, as well as informational resources

Seminars and Events - Flyers for our online and in-person seminars, events, and clinics

Mental Health & Stigma Free - Link to our Mental Health & Stigma Free Committee page, with a link to our Facebook, upcoming meetings, and more.

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West Nile Virus



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